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Cher isn’t known to be a scholar. She can’t figure out a lot of things. Just looking at her Twitter account will show you that she’s a bit unhinged. But, she took it too far this time.

At a Hillary Clinton fundraiser, the singer suggested blowing out Donald Trump’s brains. Can you imagine if a conservative said that at a Donald Trump fundraiser about Hillary? The press would be out with their pitchforks and calling the Secret Service. Instead we hear crickets.

Other than a tweet from ABC News’ Liz Kreutz, there hasn’t really been any coverage of this. The press has been too busy blaming Donald Trump for the actions of leftist rioters and criminals who have physically assaulted  Trump supporters.

Cher’s Twitter account is pretty embarrassing for someone who is a surrogate for a presidential candidate. The plastic surgery obsessed star even compared Donald Trump to Hitler. Remember, this women is speaking at Hillary events.

But, the press holds Trump responsible for people who aren’t his surrogates but say some outlandish things. When will the bias end?

Leftists like Cher can’t understand the appeal of Donald Trump, but they are part of the reason for it! We are sick and tired of having nonsense shoved down our throats by charlatans who have no clue what is happening to the world around them.

Cher issued a veiled threat at a Hillary Clinton event. When will the left be held responsible for their violence? These are the people who claim to want peace and love. What hypocrites!

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