Political correctness is run amok. It’s reached it’s nasty tentacles into all walks of life. One area we’d hope that it wouldn’t spread is the military. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The US Marines is taking the word “man” out of 19 different job titles in an effort to create more “gender neutral” names for those positions:

Nearly six months after the Pentagon opened all military combat roles to women, the Marine Corps is making the change official in name — doing away with the word “man” in nearly two dozen job titles, NBC News confirmed.

The Marines in the next few days will announce gender-neutral name changes to 19 roles — a move ordered by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, the Marine Corps Times first reported.

The word “man” will be replaced with “Marine.”

In some areas however, it thankfully will not change:

But an official told the Marine Corps Times the names of several so-called military occupational specialties, or MOSs, will not be changed following the months-long review.

“Names that were not changed, like rifleman, are steeped in Marine Corps history and ethos,” the official told the publication. “Things that were changed needed to be updated to align with other MOS names.”

If you think that’s the worst there is? Check this out:

In another military milestone, the Pentagon could announce as soon as this week that it will formally allow transgender men and women to serve openly.

Absurd. It’s bad enough that mixing sexes is not a good idea. How is it going to work when sexes are mixed and a man who “identifies” as a woman goes to use the ladies shower?

It’s just ridiculous.

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h/t NBC News

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