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The Fourth of July is quickly approaching. Here are some simple patriotic craft ideas for you to get your American spirit on this Independence Day!

You can make a flag wreath out of clothespins and star stickers. It’s simple and homey.

Turn an old baby crib into a flag. You can put this on the porch or even hang it on the wall! I may leave this up all year round.

You can get detailed instructions here.

Paint some red, white, and blue stars in your yard. Your America loving guests will easily find your house when you tell them to look for the stars in the yard! What a fun way to celebrate!

Paint a wooden pallet to look like a flag. This is my kind of craft!

This is a new one for me — turn a pair of jeans and strips of lace into a unique and feminine flag design. Get the instructions here.

Here’s another simple, but stylish craft that doesn’t take long:  paint red, white, and blue stripes on old tin cans. Then use a nail and hammer to poke holes in the can to create luminaries.

You have to eat! So, serve us some patriotic and healthy desserts designed as Old Glory! Looks good to me!

I love how the one below combines nature & Americana — paint sticks from your yard to make an American flag. Super easy and rustic.

These crafts don’t require a lot of time, but they will give you great results for your Fourth of July festivities.

Share these 4th of July craft ideas on your Facebook page — they don’t cost much to make and will spruce up any holiday gathering.

H/T: Life Aspire

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