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Tech website Gizmodo has just published a blockbuster account on life inside mega social media site Facebook, and it contains revelations that have got conservatives MAD.

If you’ve got an account on Facebook, you know that there is a “trending” news section that was launched in 2014. Facebook claims that the stories flagged are the ones most users are sharing and discussing… a very democratic way to discover what interests the site’s users and what doesn’t.

But former news “curators” at Facebook claim that the trending stories weren’t selected democratically at all, but on the whim of left-wing, Ivy-League educated managers who wanted to push a liberal agenda. One former employee said:

“I’d come on shift and I’d discover that CPAC or Mitt Romney or Glenn Beck or popular conservative topics wouldn’t be trending because either the curator didn’t recognize the news topic or it was like they had a bias against Ted Cruz,” said one former employee.

So next time you log on and see certain stories being pushed, just remember: some lefty might be deliberately putting those stories if front of you.

What do you think of these underhand tactics?

Be sure to read the whole report at Gizmodo for the complete story.

Special Notice: How to Take Control of Your Newsfeed in Facebook

To ensure you see what interests you most in your Facebook newsfeed, turn on notifications from pages you like. By doing that, you’ll get notified when a story is posted on Facebook.

Here are the simple steps to take to see the stories you want to see:

  1. Go to a Facebook page that you’ve liked.
  2. Click on the Liked button.
  3. Click on the pencil icon next to notifications.
  4. Select all posts.
  5. Click DONE!

That’s all there is to it.
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