If you are ever tempted to laugh at the pudgy, pale neck-beards who dress up at the local renaissance fair, then DON’T! They are tougher than their hefty waistlines suggest.

How tough are they? Well, take a look at this footage:

Yep, that’s a Russian military reenactor taking out a drone using his spear.

Poor Gennady Tolcheyev, the owner of the drone, was hoping to take aerial shots of the local renaissance fair, but instead the angry Russian, perhaps thinking the drone was not keeping with the medieval aesthetic, brought the drone crashing to the ground.

On the upside, Tolycheyev’s footage has now gone viral, which wouldn’t have happened if all he’d captured were plump maiden’s eating turkey legs.

What do you think of this footage? Do you know of a cooler way to take down a drone? Let us know below.

H/T: Russia Today

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