If you’ve ever been deep sea fishing, it’s not uncommon to see fish that you’re not actually attempt to catch, swimming around. Dolphins enjoy swimming near the boats and having some fun. Even sharks swim close from time to time.

But not like this. 

This fisherman was reeling in a catch when out of nowhere, a shark jumped out of the water…from a bit of a distance. The next thing you know, the shark jumps out really close to the boat. Enough to make the fisherman jump back. 

Check out the video. Note too that the camera has a really wide angle lens making the shark look further away than it is, but can see how close it gets to the boat! The only thing missing was Roy Scheider saying, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”


Have you ever seen anything like that? A shark jumping out of the water that high and that often?

Spread it around and see what reaction it gets.

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