Iran Deal, US Navy

President Obama has played right into Iran’s hands. In his nuclear deal with the radicalized government, Obama has shown how weak and unwilling he is to fight back. And now, The Iranian Revolutionary Guards is threatening to use its “secret arsenal” against American ships.

It is believed Iran has gotten anti-ship missiles from Russia and China. These missiles are carrier killers.

The Washington Times reported:

“We have informed Americans that their presence in the Persian Gulf is an absolute evil,” Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi stated to state media. “Americans are aware that Iran would destroy their warships if they take a wrong measure in the region.” He further threatened that the US would “lose control of everything” by drawing others into Middle East affairs, reported Israel National News. “There has never been normal conditions in the Persian Gulf and Americans can feel the presence of IRGC navy forces at any spot,” he added. “Iran’s great power has forced US to consider creation of deterrent capabilities.”

Iran has been challenging us since Obama gave the green light to that combative country to have nukes. In December, Iran had missiles fly 1,500 yards from a US Aircraft carrier. They are sending us a message that they think we are weak and won’t confront them. Watch the chilling video below:

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H/T: Washington Times

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