Erika Barkman

A New York woman’s reputation and her body were badly bruised after a night of bad decisions.

Erika Barkman apparently crashed her car on a guardrail, ripping the fender off her Volvo. She then exited her vehicle and went to a nearby house for help. The resident reports that Erika had a strong smell of booze on her person.

When officers from the Albany County Sheriff’s Department showed up, Barkman ran into the woods and tumbled down a 60 foot cliff. Rescue crews were called in, to help locate and retrieve her. A helicopter and rescue dogs even arrived to help.

“The dogs tracked to the edge of the cliff,” Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said. “At that point, they came back and said we are going to need search and rescue team. Then when things settled down they could hear a faint voice.”

She was eventually located and brought up the cliff in a basket.

As you can see in the video below, Barkman made a lot of bad choices that night. Police found half a bottle of vodka in her car.

Hopefully, her horrendously irresponsible actions will remind people not to drink and drive.

Thank goodness she didn’t hurt anyone. I pray she can get the help she needs so this doesn’t happen again.

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H/T: Times Union

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