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When you own a pool, you sometimes find critters in it. But, Alicia Angeli made a very unusual discovery in hers.

When she took her dogs outside, she saw the head of a deer sticking out of the water! The young deer was completely submerged in the water. Alicia called her husband to help. He couldn’t believe what he saw!

When her husband James tapped on the side of the pool, the deer swam to him. He then pulled it out but the poor deer couldn’t move because its back legs were frozen. The family dog even got involved with helping the little deer out.

Alicia warmed up the deer with blankets and suddenly, when the deer had enough help, it darted into the woods. The whole thing was caught on video.


Deer get caught in odd situations. Check out this deer that was caught in a soccer net. Police rescued her but as you can see in the video below, she put up a struggle.

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Source: Little Things

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