Retail giant Target waded into the absurd bathroom wars by announcing that men can go into the women’s bathrooms at their stores if they are feeling confused about their gender.

Like most liberal policies, this one lacks common sense. There is no way to identify who is a threat. Since liberals want gender to be identified in the brain rather than the body, there is no way to actually check to see if someone is actually confused about their gender or they are a predator in search of prey.

See what this lawmaker has to say:

There was instant backlash about Target’s decision on Twitter. Many were saying they would no longer be shopping at Target because they were concerned about safety. Speaking with your wallet is a great way to combat bad policies.

While North Korea and Iran have nuclear weapons and ISIS is beheading people, liberals are focused on forcing women to accept men using the bathroom with them. All this nonsense in the name of tolerance. Safety and common sense be damned!

If someone is confused about his gender when it’s easy to see what gender he is, why doesn’t he just go home to pee rather than forcing a policy that puts women at risk to being exposed to actual predators?

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