Raven Symone

The View is pretty good at showcasing stupidity. But, Raven Symone upped the game with her latest comment. She clearly didn’t ace US History class.

The former Cosby Show actress said that she is moving to Canada if a Republican is nominated for President.

Hello! A Republican will be nominated, as will a Democrat. That’s what the primaries are for.

What’s even funnier is that people in the audience clapped in agreement and her liberal cohosts didn’t correct her. They went right along with her ignorance.

A petition to have Raven fired got 20,000 signatures in 5 days. ABC defended her in that spat.


I think Raven should stay on The View. Her ignorance is comical and it unintentionally helps expose some of the liberal lunacy of her cohosts.

How would you respond to Raven for saying that she will move to Canada if a Republican is nominated? Please share your thoughts.

H/T: Top Right News

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