A group of hikers were traveling about 200 feet into an abandoned mine when they saw something shimmering that immediately caught their eye.

When IT Engineer Gregory Rivolet, 31, was told by a friend of the abandoned mine in Ceredigion, Wales, he knew he had to check it out.

“I was intrigued and started to do some research about it and realized it was in the UK. Once I found out the location of the mine, I asked a contact of mine in the UK to guide me down there,” he recalled, according to Mad World News.

“There was something so surreal about this exploration, it was totally dark, wet, slippery and very dangerous,” Rivolet added. “It was very dangerous as the mine is really unstable. Pieces of slate were falling from above our heads. We had to use rope to climb down to the right level of the mine, the descent was around sixty-five feet deep, it didn’t feel very secure at all.”

That’s when the friends noticed something shimmering in the mine. When they got closer, they were stunned to find  “the most unexpected thing, a mountain of old cars.”



“My theory about the cars is that they may have accidentally been off the road and crashed down there,” he expounded. “The road is pretty dangerous in this area, especially when wet. It was probably too expensive to tow cars up and out into the nearest town.”

The mine opened in 1836 and closed in 1960. It has been abandoned ever since.

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