Command hooks are useful tools for organizing your home. They are easy to put up and don’t cause any damage to your wall. And they come in a variety of shapes and sizes for many different decors. You aren’t limited to just white plastic ones.

Here are some uses for them that might make your life a little bit easier and a lot less cluttered.

Hanging your measuring spoons and cups on the inside of a cupboard door will save space and give you quick access to these much needed tools.

You can also hang your curling irons and straighteners on the inside of a cabinet door.

Command hooks are indispensable in dorm rooms. You can hang things on the wall without breaking the rules. Hang your jewelry, pictures and baseball hats easily to save space and dress up the room a bit.

You can hang a bag inside the cabinet door using two hooks.

Save some cupboard space by hanging your colanders.

Check out the video below to get even more ideas to create much needed space under your kitchen cabinet.

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