Céline Dion has battled unimaginable grief in the past few days. First, her husband died after battling throat cancer for many years. Right on the heels of that loss, her brother died of a similar type of cancer.

The singer’s performances prior to her husband’s death had been particularly emotional. She continued performing because he wanted her to, but it was obvious to those in attendance that she was dealing with a lot of emotional pain.

Weeks before her husband René Angelil died, he was at her performance. The love of her life appeared on the screen and Céline sang him a very touching version of “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.”

Céline is obviously grieving these losses, but she plans to be back in concert at Caesar’s Palace February 23rd. More information on that in the video below.

What would you say to Céline Dion during this difficult time?

H/T: Daily Mail