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December 1, 2022
The Hollywood star and liberal activist Jane Fonda is claiming that the former President Donald Trump can’t win again in 2024.
September 12, 2022
Gary Sinise paid his respects to the victims of 9/11 this past Sunday, on the 21st anniversary of the infamous terrorist attacks.
UFO pentagon
September 14, 2021
Over the last year, the Pentagon dumped a lot information on UFOs interacting with US military aircraft. The public response has been muted.
Pentagon releases UFO videos from Navy
April 28, 2020
The Pentagon confirmed the authenticy of three videos taken by Navy pilots that many believe show UFOs in American airspace.
WWII Vet Clarence Smoyer surprised with Army bronze star after nearly 75 years
September 26, 2019
One of WWII’s most famous gunners, Clarence Smoyer, lost his chance at a Bronze Star due to a misunderstanding. Nearly 75 years later, that wrong was righted.