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Mavis Leno Jay
Source: LRM Online YouTube
May 17, 2024
Jay Leno and his wife of 44 years Mavis are leaning on their strong Christian faith as she battles dementia.
Mavis Leno Jay
Source: Maximo TV YouTube
May 1, 2024
Jay Leno walked the red carpet in Los Angeles last night with his beloved wife Mavis as she continues to…
Jay Leno
Source YouTube: E! News, Piers Morgan Uncensored
April 3, 2024
Jay Leno's wife Mavis, who he's been married to for 44 years, sometimes no longer recognizes him as she battles…
Source: Screenshot YouTube Source: Screenshot YouTube
December 2, 2022
Weeks after being seriously burned in a fire, Jay Leno hit a police vehicle with his car twice before performing…