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Credit: Screenshot: CMOVIES YouTube
July 3, 2024
From Hollywood stars to musical-legends, join us on a journey to find out the top 10 celebrity appearances on The…
Credit: Screenshot: Jay H YouTube
July 1, 2024
Step back in time and discover the scream queens of the 80s: these actresses left an unforgettable mark on the…
Credit: Source: Movies And Popcorn YouTube
May 31, 2024
Jamie Lee Curtis has had a decades-long career in Hollywood. Here are ten of her best movies. See if your…
Source: Screenshot YouTube
January 27, 2023
Jay Leno has suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident weeks after he was left with major burns in a…
Celebrity Endorsements
May 13, 2022
America's most beloved celebrities have hocked everything from Japanese beer and pasta to rental cars and digestive health yogurt
ke huy quan
April 25, 2022
Key Huy Quan, famous for his roles in Goonies and Indiana Jones took a 20 year break from acting. Now…
March 31, 2022
Something good from this year's Oscars: John Travolta and his son adopted the dog from Jamie Lee Curtis' tribute to…
Jamie Lee Curtis
October 12, 2021
Horror icon Jamie Lee Curtis spoke out against the current obsession with plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.
Jamie Lee Curtis halloween
October 12, 2018
Jamie Lee Curtis fired back at critics who charge the gun grabber with hypocrisy for starring in "Halloween" with many…