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15 Best And Worst WWE Matches Out Of Saudi Arabia
October 30, 2019
As WWE returns to Saudi Arabia as part of a ten year deal in a matter of days, we look back the 15 best and worst matches produced.
Kurt Angle
August 31, 2018
Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon relieved Kurt Angle of his General Manager duties Monday, turning them over to her personal overseer of Raw
WWE Return To Middle East
now Al Qaeda has criticized the flamboyant WrestleMania-esque display. The Islamist terrorist group sent a warning to Saudi King Mohammad bin Salman warning him about his attempts at progress and “sinful projects”.
Corey, YOU LEGEND! I’m all for maintaining a neutral position in certain situations, but since I’m a woman myself, I would like to state my full support for Corey Graves before writing this article. Anyway, here is the story!
The drama after the Greatest Royal Rumble continues. Banning female wrestlers from the match card was not enough, now the Saudi Government found themselves apologizing for the advertisements played during the Greatest Royal Rumble.
A segment between the Daivari brothers and some Saudi Arabian WWE recruits at the Greatest Royal Rumble couldn’t have been more tone deaf given the current state of affairs between Iran and Saudi Arabia.
Daniel Bryan managed to set a record for longest time spent in a Royal Rumble match at the Greatest Royal Rumble despite suffering some brutal chops from Roderick Strong.
WWE went all the way to Saudi Arabia, where they held the Greatest Royal Rumble Match. Here’s a look at the top 75 photos from the show.
WWE has spent the last week in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia doing press and promotion for the Greatest Royal Rumble Event. WWE SuperStars have been spotted on yachts, malls, hospitals, and TV Shows interacting with the Saudis. This entire project is part of the strict country’s efforts at modernization.
Apart from the 50-man Royal Rumble match, every single men’s title will be defended. And of course, that means there would be a few surprises. Including a few surprise returns! 
It is made worse because these “smart fans” are usually men in their 20s who like to pretend they know everything about wrestling, usually drowning out the cheers of kids. But during the Greatest Royal Rumble, we didn’t hear “Cena Sucks” or see any beachballs.
The Greatest Royal Rumble is set to make WWE history in some ways. The event is taking place live from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Friday, April 26th at noon eastern time. The GRR is WWE’s largest overseas event, eclipsing the scale of the 1992 SummerSlam at Wembley Stadium in London, UK.