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Jeff Dunham party tips fireworks safety puppets Achmed Bubba J
Jeff Dunham turns to puppets Achmed and Bubba J for party safety tips on drinking and lighting fireworks in two hilarious videos.
Jeff Dunham Bubba J Comedy Central Christmas special Jeff Dunham's Completely Unrehearsed Last-Minute Pandemic Holiday Special
December 21, 2020
Comedian Jeff Dunham explains to his friend Bubba J why he is supposed to wear a mask over his mouth and nose and not over his eyes.
Jeff Dunham zoom video meeting puppets walter
In a Zoom video meeting with Jeff Dunham’s puppets, a troll “zoom bombs” the gang and things immiedately go downhill for Walter.
jeff dunham fire fury
January 30, 2018
Jeff Dunham tackles ‘Fire and Fury.’ Achmed interviews Bubba J, the author of the Trump hating book, while Walter responds as Wonald Grump.
Jeff Dunham Bubba J
Jeff Dunham and Bubba J did a Facebook Live from Las Vegas. In typical Bubba J format, he was drunk and admitted it to all of Facebook. He obviously hasn’t
Bubba J Jeff Dunham
April 18, 2017
Before Vin Diesel was cast in the “Fast and Furious,” Jeff Dunham’s Bubba J auditioned for the role. Jeff released this clip and it is downright hilarious.