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Ventriloquist and comedian Jeff Dunham turned to his puppets Achmed and Bubba J for some Independence Day party safety tips that happen to be perfect for any big blowout involving fireworks and/or drinking. 

It’s no secret that Achmed the Dead Terrorist loves explosives so fireworks are right up his alley. For this particularly party, Achmed relied on a well known infidel friend to help light up the town. 

Jeff Dunham Turns To Achmed For Party Tips On Fireworks Safety 

Achmed’s assistant was the “very gullible, very drunk, and very stupid” Bubba J who shows us all what not to do.

Bubba J was strapped to firework. He was a bit clueless as to what was about to happen. Bubba J was shot off into the air before he could even put his beer and down. 

That mistake of taking the beer can up with the firework came back to haunt him when he touched back down. 

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Achmed’s moral of the hilarious video below is that “alcohol and fireworks do not mix, especially when your friends are evil and sober.” 

Jeff Dunham says, “The only thing worse than blending Bubba J and alcohol is mixing Achmed and explosives.”

Watch the hilarious video below for some important fireworks safety tips from Achmed the Dead Terrorist. 

Bubba J Gives Party Drinking Tips

Bubba J did his own video on staying safe during summer and especially over the holiday. His video centered around the dangers of drinking alcohol. 

Jeff Dunham’s drunk puppet says this video is “part of a plea deal to reduce my sentence for public intoxication/indecent exposure” in front a church group. 

The safe drinking tips themselves were on point, such as limiting alcohol intake during hot days. But in typical Bubba J fashion, he recommends sticking your head in a cooler and drinking alcohol straight instead of mixing it with soda or juice. 

Bubba J is so dedicated to throwing back a few that he even asks for a beer break during this short video. Things end quickly when he attempts to make a margarita but gets his tie stuck in the blender. 

Bubba J giving advice on responsible driving is like Walter being a marriage counselor. It’s probably not a good idea, but it sure is funny. 

You can watch all of Bubba’s safe drinking tips in the video below. This is a classic Jeff Dunham video!

If you love Jeff Dunham as much as we do, you can catch him on tour in a city near you!

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