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It’s been just over a week since Pat Sajak hosted his final episode of Wheel of Fortune after hosting the game show for 43 years. Now, sad new reports are coming in alleging that Sajak’s co-host of 42 years Vanna White is having so much difficulty without him on the show that she may quit before her contract is up.

White Allegedly Struggling Without Sajak

An insider claimed to Daily Mail that White, 67, is finding it hard to “jibe” with Sajak’s replacement Ryan Seacrest, 49.

“Vanna is retiring from the show when her contract ends, but there is a part of her that wants to walk away sooner,” the source alleged. “It is just so difficult to do this without Pat.”

“She just doesn’t jibe with Ryan like she did with Pat, and no one really ever expected her to,” the insider added. “There is just no way that she possibly could.”

The source went on to elaborate on how White is currently feeling.

“Vanna feels that she has put her time in,” the insider stated. “She devoted her entire life to this show and she had an incredible run while making a fortune.”

“She knows that the show needs to go in a different direction and appeal to a younger demographic,” the source claimed, adding that White “wants the show to continue. This will require a younger female host, someone who can be to Ryan what she was to Pat.”

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White Extended Wheel Of Fortune Contract

In September of last year, White extended her contract for at least two more seasons of Wheel of Fortune. This would put her on the game show through at least the 2025-26 season.

“When I heard that Pat was retiring, I thought maybe I should retire too,” she told TV Insider last month. “But I’m not ready!”

“We’ll see toward the end of those two years how I feel,” she continued. “I thank God after all these years that I still love my job.”

Sajak had hosted Wheel of Fortune since December of 1981. White joined him a year later in December of 1982. From there, they hosted over 8,000 episodes together over the next 42 years.

 “8000 episodes went by like that,” White said in her own emotional goodbye message to Sajak. “When I first started, I was so green. You made me so comfortable and so confident, Pat. You made me who I am, you really did.”

Check out White’s full message to Sajak in the video below.

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Seacrest Excited To Work With White

Earlier this year, Seacrest talked about how excited he is to get the chance to work with White.

“I’ve had the chance to start shooting with Vanna for promo [and] she’s the most amazing person,” he said back in February, according to The Sun. “I have studied the rulebook, I’ve been to watch them do the show, and I just can’t wait to start.”

Seacrest and White’s first episodes of Wheel of Fortune are set to air in September. Only time will tell how much longer White actually decides to stay with the game show!

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