Ricki Lake
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The television star Ricki Lake is speaking out this week to reveal how she lost 35 pounds in just seven months.

Lake’s Weight Loss Journey

Daily Mail reported that Lake, 55, decided to make a major “lifestyle change” after shutting down a doctor who pressured her to start taking the weight loss drug Ozempic. This left Lake feeling “pi**ed off” and more determined than ever to lose weight naturally with her husband Ross Burningham.

“The doctor was pushing it, we both were overweight and he was saying you aren’t going to be successful without it, is what he said to me,” she told Good Morning America.

“I like a challenge and I like proving people wrong and so it p***ed me off,’ she continued. “I just was reluctant and I wanted to give it a go on my own and so I said to my husband, ‘do you want to go on this ride with me?’ and he was like, ‘sure.'”

Lake and Burningham immediately began intermittent fasting. That combined with a keto diet, exercising, doing Pilates and sleep tracking, has led to Lake losing 35 pounds since October of last year. In that same period of time, Burningham has lost 40 pounds.

Check out Lake’s new body in the video below.

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‘We Were Carrying This Extra Weight’

“I feel the best I can remember feeling in my life,” Lake said. “I have this new marriage and I’m so blissfully happy with this amazing man, my perfect man. And if I pinpoint one thing that was not working in our lives is that we were carrying this extra weight.”

Though Lake admits that her weight loss journey has been a “financial commitment,” she believes that this “lifestyle change” has paid off in dividends.

“I love it,” she gushed. “I think it’s safe to say I’m in the best shape of my life.”

Lake has been enjoying her new body by modeling clothes that she wore when she was younger, including a skimpy black and white dress that she first rocked 17 years ago in 2007. Check that out below.

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Lake’s Charity Work

Throughout her decades-long career, which started when she was cast in the hit 1988 movie Hairspray, Lake has been open about her struggles with her weight. Now that she has a new lease on life, Lake is trying to help others through her work with Community Access, an organization that gives  job training and housing assistance to people struggling with mental illness.

This cause is close to Lake’s heart because of her late husband Christian Evans, who tragically committed suicide in 2017 after a lengthy struggle with his mental health.

“I think he’s magic up there and he’s watching over me,” Lake said. “I believe he handpicked Ross for me. Yeah, I have a deep, deep knowing that he’s left his mark with me.”

These days, Lake is firmly focused on the future.

“I’ve been famous since [I was] 18 years old, from Hairspray. And yet, these are the sweetest of days,” she concluded.

Check out her full interview in the video below.

In a time when so many celebrities are resorting to things like Ozempic to lose weight, it’s refreshing to see someone like Lake do it the natural way. If only there were more stars out there who would go about this the same way!

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