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Jelly Roll is one of the hottest stars in country music right now, but he still wants to raise his children right. He showed this once again this week when he taught his daughter the value of a dollar as she celebrated her 16th birthday.

Jelly Roll’s Daughter Turns 16

Jelly Roll’s wife Bunnie XO took to social media to share a video of their daughter Bailee as she headed to their local car dealership to pick up a vehicle for her landmark birthday. Her choice of car was a surprising one for the child of a celebrity, however, as she picked a white GMC Sierra 1500 truck!

“Going in right now to pick up her first car ever! We told this kid, you can have any car you want in the world, but there was a budget,” Bunnie Xo explained in the video.

“You can have any car you want in the world that isn’t above this budget,” she added. “And this is what the child picked. This is what her heart desires. So let’s go f—ing get it, baby.” 

Parents everywhere will be able to relate to Bunnie XO’s emotions in the video, as she makes it clear that she can’t believe that her little baby is all grown up.

“I can’t believe it! Our baby’s growing up, man. We’re f—ing old man,” she said as Bailee drove the truck home solo. “I remember when we were teaching her how to ride a f—ing bike, guys.” 

Check out the video for yourself below.

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Jelly Roll Takes Bailee Onstage At Stagecoach

Fox News reported that while performing at the Stagecoach music festival last month, Jelly Roll gave Bailee a shoutout as he brought both her and Bunnie XO onstage.

“In, like, 10 days, she will be 16 years old,” he told the Stagecoach crowd of Bailee. “But hey, I figured it would be a really cool dad way to embarrass her if I can do the old ‘Happy Birthday to You.'”

Sure enough, the crowd broke into a stirring rendition of “Happy Birthday” as Bailee looked on. Jelly Roll is father to both Bailee and his son Noah, 7, and while both of them are from previous relationships, Bunnie XO has been devoted to them since she married their dad in 2016.

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Jelly Roll Loves Being A Dad

Back in 2020, Jelly Roll took to Facebook to describe being a father as being “the greatest blessing” of his life.

“Words can’t describe how much of an impact my daughter has had in my life,” he continued. “I often say I didn’t get custody of her, she got custody of me.”

Jelly Roll went on to say that while he knew going into fatherhood that he would need to teach his daughter many things, he had no idea that she would be teaching him a lot as well.

In a time when celebrities seem to be more full of themselves than ever, it’s nice to see that Jelly Roll has never let fame go to his head, and that he’s raising his daughter to be as down to earth as he is!

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