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The 1988 comedy Twins starring Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger is a comedy classic.

That’s why fans will be overjoyed to learn that it looks like the two are pairing back up again, according to DeVito.

Their Reunion Is A Long Time Coming

DeVito gave an update on if he was getting back to a reunion with his Twins co-star.

While promoting his new movie Poolman, DeVito spoke with Entertainment Tonight’s Denny Directo.

The 79-year-old said that things are happening with him and 76-year-old Schwarzenegger.

“We really want to work together and we’ve been talking about it for quite a while,” DeVito said. “We’re onto something now, we have a script being written.”

DeVito didn’t share many additional details on what the project was, exactly, including if it will be a part of any of their previous collaborations like Twins and 1994’s Junior.

DeVito did say that they have a major studio backing them, however. 

“As soon as that comes in we’ll know better, but we’ll do it at Warner Brothers, so there you go,” DeVito divulged. 

DeVito added that it was good to get back to working with Schwarzenegger before discussing their chemistry.

“He’s a good buddy, you know? He’s just a good pal. So you know, and we go together kind of. We fit, right?” he said.

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‘A Match Made in Heaven’

DeVito and Schwarzenegger also talked about the loss of Twins director Ivan Reitman in 2022 after he passed.

“When we lost Ivan, rest his soul, we were about to work with him again on a sequel for Twins,” DeVito said. “I think where my head is — and I think Arnold’s in the same spot — we want to work together.”

“We want to do another movie together, whether it’s a sequel or a new element that’s another story. Just has to be good, funny, entertaining for us that fits with our characters, and what people want to see,” he continued. “And that’s what we’re aiming for.”

Schwarzenegger chimed in to say, “As far as I’m concerned, it’s a chemistry and you cannot make that up with acting or anything like that. It is the number one most important thing — you’ve got to like each other, respect each other and you just click. When we did Twins we recognized when we did the first few scenes how much fun we were together and how Danny plays off me and I play off Danny.”

“It’s just a match made in heaven, really,” he added.

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Schwarzenegger and DeVito are two of the most iconic stars of all time, so seeing them collaborate again would be a real treat. Here’s hoping that the project that they’re planning actually comes to fruition!

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