Eva Rinaldi/Wikimedia Commons

Is there a bigger IT couple today than Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce?

You can’t look anywhere without seeing what pop megastar and NFL player are up to.

And with Valentine’s Day approaches, Kelce is admitting that making the day special is somewhat of a challenge.

The Heat Is On

Entertainment Tonight reports, “Travis Kelce is gearing up for his first Valentine’s Day with Taylor Swift. The NFL star briefly hinted at his plans to make the day extra special in the latest episode of his New Heights podcast.  Talk turned to the Feb. 14 holiday as Travis and Jason Kelce, his brother and podcast co-host, began singing the praises of their newest program sponsor.”

The story continued:

“With both of us playing in the NFL for so many years, we’ve learned a thing or two about competition,” Travis says on Wednesday’s episode, reading from a prewritten ad. “But when it comes to finding the perfect game winning gift for Valentine’s Day, Etsy is the real MVP.”

Jason continues the spot by saying that he was already shopping for “something extra special” for his wife of five years, Kylie Kelce. 

A Tall Order

Something tells us that it would have to be something more than a lackluster Valentine’s Day gift to split up what has to be the most watched celebrity couple in the world.

But you can’t blame Travis Kelce for feeling the pressure.

I mean… this is Tay Tay we’re talking about!