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Hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg was once considered a critic of former President Donald Trump.

But apparently he’s changed his mind, saying in a Sunday interview that he has “nothing but love and respect” for Trump.

Snoop told The Times, “Donald Trump? He ain’t done nothing wrong to me. He has done only great things for me.”

Snoop Admires Trump’s Work on Criminal Justice and Prison Reform

Snoop Dogg said that he now appreciates what the former president has done for his friend in the past. Trump “pardoned Michael Harris,” Dogg said, who the co-founder of the rapper’s first record label Death Row.

Harris had been incarcerated due to drug offenses.

“So I have nothing but love and respect for Donald Trump,” Dogg said.

Snoop Dogg spoke in a positive manner about Trump’s work in granting Harris clemency and working on prison reform at the end of his first term. Snoop said Trump and his administration “did some great work on the way out.” 

Snoop Dogg is obviously one of the biggest names in rap, and Trump’s numbers have risen with minorities and particularly black Americans.

An official endorsement from Snoop certainly wouldn’t hurt, especially as a figure who permeates pop culture like he does.

In years past, Snoop Dogg previously criticized Trump in some his songs and music videos. 

But apparently things change!