Steve Hrach/Flickr/Creative Commons

Despite some predicting its demise, classic rock is still going strong heading into the new year.

Something the bands Styx and Foreigner set out to prove in a big way this summer.

‘While people say rock is dead, that is not true’

Fox News reports:

Foreigner and Styx recently announced they’re teaming up for the Renegades and Juke Box Heroes Tour, kicking off in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on June 11.

Kelly Hansen, Foreigner’s lead singer, and Tommy Shaw, Styx’s lead singer, appeared on “Fox & Friends” to discuss their tour plans.

“This is the second year of our farewell tour, it’s always been a two-year farewell tour, and we’re happy to be joining Styx co-headlining this tour along with John Waites,” Hansen said. “We haven’t played together in 10 years on tour, so it’s really great.”

Shaw praised his fellow classic rockers, saying, “Those songs, they’re forever. People have grown up with those songs. I remember hearing them for the first time myself, [it] blew my mind.”

Rob Weiner, popular culture librarian at Texas Tech University, noted that “while people say rock is dead, that is not true.”

As he explained to Fox News Digital, “Maybe on the pop charts rock is dead, but in the area of all these classic/vintage rock bands and artists touring, rock lives. Certainly, classic radio stations help keep the songs alive and young people hear them that way.”

“It is the content itself,” he added, “the music-lyrics-timelessness of these artists’ work.”

Nostalgia is hard to compete with. In music or anything else.

Styx and Foreigner are planning to prove they are timeless this summer.

Expect great results.