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Yesterday was the 90th birthday of the comedic legend Carol Burnett, and various Hollywood stars came together to honor her with the television special “Carol Burnett: 90 Years of Laughter + Love TV,” which aired on NBC last night.

One of the highlights of the special came when the iconic former Mary Poppins star Julie Andrews took the microphone to pay tribute to Burnett, who she’s been close friends with for over sixty years.

Andrews Honors Burnett On Her Birthday

“I cannot believe it’s been 62 years since we first met, chum,” Andrews told Burnett, according to Hollywood Life. “We’ve gone from land lines to cell phones to text… and oh how we’ve laughed!”

A video montage was then played that showcased the beautiful friendship that Andrews and Burnett share. This montage included hilarious sketches and joyous duets from 1962’s “Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall,” 1971’s “Julie and Carol at Lincoln Center” and 1989’s “Julie & Carol: Together Again.”

Julie and I never shut up talking to each other, it’s like we knew each other from the get go, so the idea was born that Julie and I should do a special together. So we wound up doing three,” Burnett said in a clip that was pre-recorded.

“We’ve shared confidences so many times,” Andrews told Burnett at the end of the montage. “I’ve called you when times were rough and I needed a shoulder to cry on and I couldn’t imagine anywhere else I’d rather be tonight. And I love you very much.”

Check out this full segment in the video below.

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Andrews Gushes Over Burnett

Earlier this month, Andrews opened up about how she and Burnett connected right away as soon as they met.

“From day one, we both seem to know and understand where each one of us is coming from,” Andrews told People Magazine. “Although we come from different countries, we recognized in each other things that were of mutual understanding.”

“We both had tough beginnings and we both kind of bonded [for] that reason,” she continued. “It was instant the day we met. And from then on, it’s been nothing but one hugely funny, joyous ride with a lot of understanding.”

Andrews, who made Burnett the godmother of her daughter Emma, went on to say that her friendship with Burnett is rooted in “deep mutual respect,” and that they share “an awful lot of girlish giggles” when they get together.

“She’s been a long-time chum and I adore her,” Andrews added. “She’s wonderful to work with, and she’s loyal and kind, and it’s never changed.”

“It isn’t that we speak every day, to be truthful,” she explained. “But it’s the kind of friendship that the minute you meet up again, it’s exactly as it was. To know you’ve got a friend that special and loyal, and you don’t need to be on, you don’t need to be doing anything other than be yourself, it’s a pleasure.”

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Andrews Praises Burnett’s Character

In the end, it’s Burnett’s character that Andrews loves the most about her.

“Having that fresh, open mind that she has is so lovely,” Andrews said. “She’s always available, always open, and generous. I don’t know anybody that doesn’t respect her as I do, because she’s rock solid as a friend, believe me.”

“There’s been massive laughter between us and I become more bad and she eggs me on,” she concluded. “But it’s a lovely friendship.”

Burnett and Andrews are two of the most beloved entertainers alive today, so it’s nice to see that they share such a special friendship. We’d also like to wish Burnett a very happy birthday, and many more to come!

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