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Last month, we reported that Megyn Kelly had slammed Sheryl Lee Ralph’s performance of the Black National Anthem before the Super Bowl. Now, Ralph is firing back at Kelly in a big way.

Kelly Slams Black National Anthem – Ralph Fires Back

Daily Beast reported that Ralph performed “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” which has become known as the Black National Anthem, at the Super Bowl, marking the first time it was performed at this event. Afterwards, Kelly spoke out to slam the performance on her podcast.

“There is no reason to have a Black national anthem sung before the Super Bowl,” she said. “But there’s one national anthem. It unites us all. It’s about love of country.”

“There’s no point in dividing us by race going into something that is already unifying us as a country,” Kelly added.

When asked about Kelly’s comments in a new interview, Ralph let out a cackle that is apparently her signature. 

“That woman is amazing,” she said. “That song, “’Lift Every Voice and Sing’ is 123 years old. And it was written to commemorate the birthday of our 16th president Abraham Lincoln.”

“The fact that people want to feel divided by such sentiment and such lyrics—it tells you that there are some people in the country, in the world,” Ralph continued. “I guess there’s nothing that will ever truly make them happy until America is no longer the home of the free and the brave.”

Check out Ralph’s full comments on this in the video below. 

Backstory: Megyn Kelly Torches ‘Woke’ Super Bowl For Playing Black National Anthem

More Super Bowl Backlash 

This came after Kelly called out the Super Bowl for going “woke” in a variety of ways. 

“All I could think was like, they don’t get it right,” Kelly said. “Like the people who put together the entertainment, who put together the ads, they’re not even trying to like think about the other half of the country. They’re just pandering. They just wanna pander, pander, pander. And it’s fine. The game was great, but it is a slight irritant as you’re watching the game.”

Kelly wasn’t the only person to take issue with the Black National Anthem being played at the Super Bowl, as Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) as well. 

“America only has ONE NATIONAL ANTHEM,” she tweeted. “Why is the NFL trying to divide us by playing multiple!? Do football, not wokeness.”

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Kari Lake Refuses To Stand For Black National Anthem

The prominent Republican Kari Lake was also pictured in a viral photo refusing to stand for Ralph’s performance. 

“Our girl is against the idea of a ‘black National Anthem’ for the same reason she’s against a ‘white National Anthem,'” Lake’s campaign team said in a statement, according to Newsweek. “She subscribes to the idea of ‘one Nation, under God.'”

Despite the backlash, Ralph stood by the performance at the time. 

“To me, that shows a major effort by the NFL to be truly inclusive, to say, ‘We’re going to represent all people,’” she said, according to The Hill. “What a way to bring us all together.”

Regardless of what the left says, there is indeed only one national anthem, and that is “The Star Spangled Banner.” We applaud Kelly for having the guts to call out Ralph and the Super Bowl for going woke with her ridiculous performance, and we can only hope that it is not repeated next year.

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