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The Hollywood legend and radical liberal activist Jane Fonda shocked everyone last Friday, when she suggested “murder” as a way to deal with people who are against abortion. Unfortunately for Fonda, however, this has since come back to bite her in a big way, as a Republican congresswoman has reported her to the Capitol police for her incendiary remarks. 

Fonda Gets Reported To Capitol Police 

Fonda, 85, was appearing on “The View” last week when she was asked by Joy Behar what strategy would be good in dealing with people who are against the legalization of abortion. 

“Murder,” Fonda said in response.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) told Fox News that she has reported both Fonda and the women of “The View” to the Capitol Police for this segment.

“Unfortunately, for Ms. Fonda, Capitol Police takes this issue very seriously, as do I and many of my pro-life Republican colleagues,” Luna said. “So I’m sure they will be investigating and she will be having to answer for her comments.”

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Luna Finds Death Threat Under Fonda Video

Luna went on to say that there was a clear death threat under one of the clips of Fonda’s comments that was posted to social media. 

“The individual that made this comment actually posted it under her video of The View, saying that the only good conservative and Trump supporter was a dead one,” Luna said. “It’s especially alarming being that Republican female members especially, as a whole, seem to be more targeted because a lot of these predators look at us like victims. So, it’s a very dangerous thing for her to have done, and we will be holding her accountable as she should be.”

Not stopping there, Luna proceeded to slam the women of “The View” for how they treat the millions of Americans who are pro-life.

“They are supposed to pride themselves on being a channel that promotes women viewpoints, right? Yeah, if you are pro-life, they want to essentially promote someone that’s calling for your murder,” Luna said. “For people to go on national news outlets and make these calls of violence simply because they don’t like the fact that we are taking stands to protect life, these people are unhinged. But they need to be held accountable. There should not be a double standard.”

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Fonda Backtracks

While Fonda appeared to have no regrets about her comments in the seconds after she made them on “The View,” she did backtrack a bit as the backlash against her mounted. 

“While women’s reproductive rights are a very serious issue and extremely important to me, my comment on ‘The View’ was obviously made in jest,” Fonda told The Washington Examiner. “My body language and tone made it clear to those in the room — and to anyone watching — that I was using hyperbole to make a point.”

“Women across the country are facing real threats when it comes to our bodies, and people lose faith in our mission to protect women when others choose to focus on tangential issues and passing jokes instead of the actual problem at hand,” she continued. 

Fonda has been making offensive and dangerous comments such as this one for decades, going all the way back to her Hanoi Jane days during the Vietnam War. Because she’s a member of Hollywood’s liberal elite, she’s rarely been hit with any tangible repercussions for her horrifying words.

We can only hope that the Capitol Police take this report seriously and finally throw the book at Fonda, because its’ time she’s held accountable.