Jane Fonda, 85, Gifts Drew Barrymore A Sex Toy – ‘Specially For You’

Jane Fonda shocked everyone on Thursday when she gave a sex toy to the talk show host and actress Drew Barrymore.

The Hollywood star and radically liberal activist Jane Fonda has done many bizarre things throughout her decades in the spotlight, but what she just did on “The Drew Barrymore Show” is definitely one of her oddest actions yet.

‘Drew Barrymore Show’ Gets Raunchy

While appearing on the talk show with her friend Lily Tomlin to promote their new film Moving On, Fonda presented host Drew Barrymore with a gift that ended up being a vibrator, which is a sex toy for women.

The talk show segment took a raunchy turn when Barrymore asked one of her classic “Is it true?” questions.

“Jane, you relax with, like, baths and meditations,” she said. “Is it true that there also might be an adult toy involved?”

As Fonda thought about how to reply to this, Tomlin said, “Oh, there is.”

“There’s my bed. There’s my dresser,” Fonda stated. “And in the top dresser drawer, you would freak out if you saw what’s in there.”

Barrymore proceeded to get on her knees and say, “What is in there? I need some help, Jane. Can you help me?”

This was seemingly a reference to Barrymore’s slow libido, something that she’s been open with her audience about in the past.

“I will. Just wait until we step outside of this room,” Fonda replied ominously.

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Fonda’s Gift For Barrymore

When Barrymore tried to reach for a gift box with a yellow ribbon that Fonda had beside her, the woman who was nicknamed “Hanoi Jane” during the Vietnam War slapped her hand away and snapped, “Take your hands off of it!” 

Once Barrymore had sat down again, Fonda revealed what was in the box.

“Specially for you, I have an adult toy,” she said.

Sure enough, when Barrymore opened the box, there was a blue-and-white vibrator inside. Barrymore profusely thanked Fonda for the gift before jokingly putting the sex toy to her ear and saying “Hello?” as she pretended that it was a phone.

Check out the entire bizarre segment for yourself in the video below.

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Fonda’s ‘Private’ Sex Life

Fonda has unfortunately been very open about her sex life for years. When asked about it last summer, she described her sex life in her 80s as being “private” and “solo.” She’s also previously said that she doesn’t want to be in a “sexual relationship” ever again.

“I don’t want to be in a relationship, a sexual relationship, again,” she explained in 2021. “I don’t have that desire. Do I fantasize? Yes, here’s my fantasy. I’ll just put it out there. That I meet a professor or a researcher, somebody in that line who is really capable of loving, of cherishing a woman, so that I could test myself and see if I could show up.”

“I think maybe now I could, but the problem is that, like a man, I would want a younger man,” she added. “Isn’t that awful? It’s a thing about skin. I would want a younger man, and I’m too vain.”

Fonda has been married three times, with each one ending in divorce and her last one coming to an end in 2001. She was married to the French screenwriter Roger Vadim from 1965 until 1973, and then to politician Tom Hayden from 1973 until 1990. Finally, Fonda was married to CNN founder Ted Turner from 1991 until they divorced in 2001. 

While adults should be free to be sexual at any stage of life, there’s few people we can think of whose sex life we want to hear less about than Hanoi Jane’s. In the end Fonda should keep her sex life private, and stop doing things like handing out vibrators to celebrities for attention. 

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