Sally Field Honors Late ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Co-Star Robin Williams 9 Years After His Suicide

Sally Field is speaking out about her "Mrs. Doubtfire" co-star Robin Williams nine years after he tragically committed suicide.

This year marks nine years since the suicide of Robin Williams, but he is still dearly missed by his millions of fans. In a new interview, Williams’ former Mrs. Doubtfire co-star Sally Field spoke out to pay tribute to him.

‘He Should Be Growing Old Like Me’

Before being honored with a lifetime achievement award at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday night, Field opened up about making the 1993 classic film Mrs. Doubtfire with Williams, who was only 63 years-old when he took his own life in August of 2014. 

“What you think about immediately is Robin. There isn’t a moment of it that’s not filled with my love and joy at being in his presence,” Field, 76, told People Magazine. “I mean, Robin was Robin. He was everything he seemed to be: a generous, loving, sweet, geniously talented man.”

“We all miss him,” she added. “He should be growing old like me, for God’s sakes. I hate it that he isn’t here.”

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Fields Doesn’t Watch Mrs. Doubtfire 

In this same interview, Field admitted that she doesn’t watch Mrs. Doubtfire or any of the other projects that she’s appeared in over her decades-long career.

“I have memories, I think, of almost everything I’ve done,” she said. “Except sometimes something will pop up and before I turn it off, and in the really young days of television, where I actually do not remember — I don’t remember being there, I don’t remember saying that. So it’s like literally an out-of-body experience.”

“But, you know, it’s almost 60 years ago,” she continued. “I’m allowed to forget some of those days!”

Fox News reported that during her acceptance speech at the SAG Awards, Field recalled some of the most famous roles that she’s played.

“I’ve flown on wires and surfed in the ocean, rode on horses, in wagons, trains and fast cars. I had multiple personalities. I worked in a textile mill, picked cotton. I’ve been Mrs. Doubtfire’s employer, Forrest Gump’s mother, Lincoln’s wife and Spider-Man’s aunt,” Field said. “I’ve done scenes wearing 50 pounds of period dresses. I’ve been fully clothed, semi clothed and totally naked.”

Field then said that she’s known she’s loved acting ever since she was 12 years-old. 

“On stage, I never knew what I would say or do. I would surprise myself. I wasn’t looking for the applause or attention, even though that’s nice sometimes,” she continued. “Anyway, it’s never been about a need to hide myself behind the characters of other people. Acting, to me, has always been about finding those few precious moments when I feel totally, utterly, sometimes dangerously alive.”

Check out Fields’ full speech in the video below.

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Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel

Back in 2021, Mrs. Doubtfire director Chris Columbus told SF Gate that a sequel to the beloved movie was being discussed just before Williams passed away.

“Robin was one-of-a-kind,” Columbus said. “The last time I met with Robin before he passed away was about the ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ sequel. We had a script and it was a great script. Robin was prepared to do it. And then, unfortunately, he passed away.”

Columbus added that after Williams’ suicide, however, the sequel was scrapped because it would be “impossible” to do it without the comedic legend.

Williams was a true icon, and there will never be another like him. His suicide is still hard to swallow all these years later, and we can’t help but agree with Field that he should still be here. 

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