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Roseanne Barr launched her standup comedy comeback last night with a special on Fox Nation. As she promoted the show, Barr issued a warning to liberals that she’s become “more offensive” than ever before.

‘We Have To Be More Offensive’

Mediaite reported that Barr revealed that she’s talked to other comedians who have been “cancelled,” adding that they made a pact to be “more offensive” than ever. 

“We have to be more offensive when we come back because we can’t be beaten down. We can’t let them kill comedy,” she said. “We can’t let, you know these, people who are censors and book-burners have the last say over comedy. We have to protect comedy.”

Barr, 70, went on to argue that comedy is “the major free speech art form.”

“It’s the last place you can get up and say what you want to say to the people who want to hear it,” she explained.

Not stopping there, Barr admitted that she was nervous for awhile about returning to stand-up comedy in today’s climate.

“I took a long pause, like years, to go, I’m afraid to say anything in this climate and I think everybody is,” she said, “but then I’m like, hell, I’m 70 years old, when am I going to get another chance to get out there and say, ‘hey guys, we got to fight against this censorship and this crazy stuff that is anti-American.’”

Watch Barr talk more about this in the video below.

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Barr’s Comedy Special

This comes after Barr used her comedy special to attack the left’s obsession with pronouns and gender identity.

“These people, they have no concept of reality. They’ve been living in a bubble forever. Asking questions have nothing to do with the real world,” she said. “‘What is my gender, mom? What is my gender?’ Your gender is, get a job. That’s your gender.”

Barr paused for the crowd to cheer before continuing her set.

“What are they thinking? Ask a – what is a woman? They don’t know that? That one they’re asking all the time. What is a woman? I’ll tell you what a woman is. A woman is me,” she explained. “That’s what a woman is, okay? A woman is someone who cleans up everybody else’s s***. That’s what a woman is.” 

“A woman is somebody whose boobs hang down to her knees with a prolapsed uterus from giving birth to five ungrateful little privileged b******s that have never had to work for anything in their whole damn life,” Barr concluded. “My pronouns are, kiss my a**.”

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Barr Canceled 

Barr was targeted by cancel culture back in 2018 after she posted a tweet in which she compared Barack Obama’s former advisor Valerie Jarrett, who is black, to a character in Planet Of The Apes.

Though Barr immediately apologized and claimed to not know that Jarrett was back, she was immediately fired by ABC, and her eponymous sitcom “Roseanne” was also cancelled by the network before being brought back as “The Connors.” Barr was furious to find out that her character had been killed off in the new version of the show.

Barr is one of the few celebrities who is not afraid to tell it like it is, and she’s been dearly missed in the five years since she’s been cancelled. Now that she’s back, we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next! 

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