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Roseanne Barr launched her comeback on Monday with her new Fox Nation comedy special “Roseanne Barr: Cancel This!” In this special, Barr sounded off about her character on her eponymous sitcom “Roseanne” being killed off in the wake of her comparing Barack Obama’s former advisor Valerie Jarrett, who is black, to a character in Planet of the Apes.

Barr Sounds Off

Daily Mail reported that in her special, Barr said that she was “pissed” to find out that her show had been cancelled after her 2018 Twitter scandal.

“So, I walk in and it’s on CNN that they’ve canceled my show, just 20 minutes later. And not only that, but they killed my – they killed Roseanne. They killed her,” she said, causing her audience to loudly boo. 

“I guess they thought they shut me up. But guess what?” she continued, adding that she “couldn’t sit in them writing rooms with those people one more second.”

Barr went on to say that she was not aware that Jarrett was black, and that she could have invited the liberal advisor to Obama on her show to create a “teachable moment.”

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‘She Could Have Come On’

“She could have come on,” Barr said. “I could’ve had 15 times the ratings and I could’ve learned something on behalf and shown something to America, which I always wanted to do that very thing anyway.”

“Bringing people together and learn about each other, right? When we have made mistakes,” she added. “We can learn to get along, for God’s sake.”

Barr concluded by saying that she felt resentful that this opportunity had been wasted. 

“But no, they didn’t want to do that. And that pissed me off,” she lamented. “And that’s why I came back, even though I was like, why would you want to do that after what they did? 

“But I came back because I just – something’s wrong with me or something,” Barr continued. “I just – something’s in me. I just cannot let a**holes win. I’m not. I’m not going to.”

Check out a trailer for this special in the video below.

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Barr Targets Woke Left

Barr also used her special to attack the left’s obsession with pronouns and gender identity.

“These people, they have no concept of reality. They’ve been living in a bubble forever. Asking questions have nothing to do with the real world,” she said. “‘What is my gender, mom? What is my gender?’ Your gender is, get a job. That’s your gender.”

Barr paused for the crowd to cheer before continuing her set.

“What are they thinking? Ask a – what is a woman? They don’t know that? That one they’re asking all the time. What is a woman? I’ll tell you what a woman is. A woman is me,” she explained. “That’s what a woman is, okay? A woman is someone who cleans up everybody else’s s***. That’s what a woman is.” 

“A woman is somebody whose boobs hang down to her knees with a prolapsed uterus from giving birth to five ungrateful little privileged b******s that have never had to work for anything in their whole damn life,” Barr concluded. “My pronouns are, kiss my a**.”

Barr was long targeted by cancel culture because she was one of the few celebrities who was not afraid to publicly support Donald Trump when he ran for president. She needs our support now more than ever, so let’s make sure her comedy special is a huge hit! 

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