Joy Behar Reveals Why She Doesn’t Want Trump To Die Anytime Soon – ‘I’m Such A Good Person’

Joy Behar shocked fans of "The View" on Tuesday when she said that she doesn't want Donald Trump to die anytime soon for one reason.

Joy Behar has been disturbingly obsessed with trashing Donald Trump ever since he first announced his successful run for president back in 2015.

Behar showed that he’s still living in rent-free in her head on Tuesday’s episode of the ABC talk show “The View,” when she expressed her hopes that he won’t die too soon because she fears that “he’ll be martyred in some way.”

Joy Behar Doesn’t Want Trump ‘To Die So Fast’

Fox News reported that Behar, 80, kicked things off by admitting that Trump, 76, has “good genes,” citing the fact that his parents lived to be 88 and 93 respectively as proof of this. She then claimed that Republicans are “privately waiting for Trump to drop dead” so that he doesn’t destroy their party, although she unsurprisingly had no proof to back that last assertion up. 

“His mother died at 88 and his father was 93. So they might be waiting awhile,” Behar said. “Because he has good genes in that family. So he’s not dying so fast, but anyway, I don’t want him to die so fast because he would be martyred in a way.”

“I mean he needs to fade away,” she added. “That’s my fondest wish. I don’t even – you know what? I’ve gotten to the point because I’m such a good person, that I don’t even care if he doesn’t go to jail.”

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‘Please God Don’t Let Him Stay In Office’

After her fellow hosts joked that Behar was “softening up,” she replied, “I’m not, its like, please God don’t let him stay in office, I don’t care how it works.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin, who is also a shameless liberal, chimed in to say that Trump won’t be able to run for president in 2024 “if he goes to jail.”

“I think he’s going to go to jail,” Hostin said. “That’s what I have said, but the Manhattan district attorney’s office just opened up another grand jury investigation, and they’re presenting to the grand jury evidence of Stormy Daniels’ hush money. It’s a very easy case to prove.” 

Check out this full segment, with Behar’s portion starting at around the 2:22 mark, in the video below.

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Behar Admits Her Show ‘Changed’ After Trump Took Office

Despite the fact that it’s been years now since Trump left office, Behar continues to talk about him on “The View” seemingly every chance she gets. In June of last year, she admitted that the show had “changed” since Trump took office back in 2016.

“I think that this show really took a change when Trump got in, ’cause we used to have more laughs before he got into office,” she said at the time

“He’s good material for comedians but I mean he became so scary as a leader, whatever he is, as somebody who is such a threat to democracy, that it became very important that we convey what we felt and thought and read about to the audience,” Behar continued. “And so it became a completely different show. But that’s what happens.”

Like many other leftwing figures in the media, Behar doesn’t seem to realize that all she’s accomplished with constantly spouting her obsessive hatred of Trump is that she’s caused half the country to lose faith in the media altogether.

Behar can continue to bash Trump all she wants to, but in the end, she is just preaching to her own choir, because nobody else is listening to her anymore. 

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