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The Hollywood legend Harrison Ford is speaking out this week to say that he was “raised a Democrat” and “my moral purpose was being a Democrat.” 

Ford Talks Politics

Ford, 80, told The Hollywood Reporter that when he was younger, “I didn’t have any religious construct, but I think nature and God are the same thing.” 

The journalist interviewing Ford responded by saying that “one of your majors in college was philosophy. Has any of that stayed with you?” 

“There’s a Protestant theologian named Paul Tillich who wrote that if you have trouble with the word ‘God,’ take whatever is central and most meaningful to your life and call that God,” Ford replied. “My mother was Jewish, my father was Catholic, and I was raised Democrat — my moral purpose was being a Democrat with the big D.” 

“But it didn’t apply to a political point of view so much as it applied to nature. I didn’t have any religious construct, but I think nature and God are the same thing,” he continued. 

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Ford’s Life Philosophy

Ford went on to talk more about his philosophy of life. 

“The mysterious origin of life — science tells us how it happened, prophecy tells us another story,” he said. “I found that everything in nature — the complexity, the biodiversity, the symbiotic relationships — is the same thing other people attribute to God.” 

He then gave his thoughts on therapy, saying, “There are all kinds of therapy. I’m sure many of them are useful to many people. I’m not anti-therapy for anybody — except for myself. I know who the f— I am at this point.” 

Fox News reported that this comes three years after Ford said, “I think it’s come to the point where we gotta start talking politics. But we gotta talk about it in a positive way. We gotta regain the middle ground. We’re in these ideological enclaves. But the truth is in the middle. Progress is made in the middle.” 

Ford has also slammed the former President Donald Trump as being a “son of a b—-.” 

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Ford Discusses Anxiety Theory

This comes days after Ford shot down a fan theory that he suffers from social anxiety. 

“S—. That sounds like something a psychiatrist would say, not a casual observer,” he told Vanity Fair. “No. I don’t have a social anxiety disorder. I have an abhorrence of boring situations. I was shy when I first went onstage — I wasn’t shy, I was f—ing terrified.”

“My knees would shake so badly, you could see it from the back of the theater. But that’s not social anxiety. That’s being unfamiliar with the territory,” he continued. “I was able to talk myself through that and then enjoy the experience of being onstage and telling a story with collaborators.”

Ford also claimed that despite never winning an Oscar, taking home that trophy is not important to him.

“If I did a movie that had Oscar ambition, that was an Oscar-type movie, then yeah, I’d want the film to be recognized for its quality,” he explained. “If I were given an Oscar, I would be grateful and appropriate. I’m trying to artfully skirt this — I don’t want to campaign for it.” 

While we certainly don’t agree with Ford’s liberal politics, we also can’t deny that he’s one of the most talented actors working today. Here’s hoping that he sees the light when it comes to politics at some point in the future!

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