"Demon" Balor To Return
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According to a report, “Demon” Balor was to make a return at the 2023 Royal Rumble. However, Edge was unavailable for that match. Could he end up returning at WrestleMania 39?

“Demon” Balor To Return?

Earlier this month, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer News reported that Finn Balor versus Edge was slated for this year’s Royal Rumble. The two were supposed to have a Hell in a Cell (HIAC) match.

Unfortunately, Edge couldn’t make it because he was filming the Disney+ series, Percy Jackson and The Olympian. Edge is officially playing the Greek God of War, Ares.

“Demon” Balor To Return? Does This Character Mesh Well With Judgement Day?

In addition, Fightful Select recently notes that the idea for Edge and Balor’s HIAC bout was for “Demon” Balor to return. With that said, some WWE folks internally felt that Balor’s Demon character doesn’t fit well with his current Judgment Day stable.

Still, could “Demon” Balor make a comeback for WrestleMania 39 if he faces Edge? Only time will tell.

Over to other news, Kurt Angle recently provided an update on his health. Looks like the WWE Hall of Famer needs surgery again.

Kurt Angle Needs Another Surgery

At 54 years of age, Kurt Angle has already had double knee replacement surgery. Seven months post-operation, he’s close to full recovery.

"Demon" Balor To Return

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Despite this good news, the Olympic gold medalist has had back and neck issues for decades now. The WWE Hall of Famer recently gave an update on his health during The Kurt Angle Show podcast.

Sounds like another surgery is in the cards. This is due to a match he had in the WWE, way back in 2003.

Team Angle Versus Brock Lesnar – No Way Out

According to Angle, the handicap bout back at No Way Out was a pretty good match. He, Shelton Benjamin, and Charlie Hass went up against Chris Benoit and Brock Lesnar.

With that said, Angle notes some of it is “fuzzy”. As he puts it he doesn’t remember a lot, because he was so worried about his neck.

Kurt states he couldn’t raise his arm much because it went numb. He went to the gym the next day and couldn’t curl five pounds with his left arm.

He didn’t tell anybody about this until he arrived for his scheduled match in South Africa. Interestingly enough, this numbness has been a recurring issue.

Angle notes that both hands feel numb now. He states he needs another surgery as his neck is so “jacked up, it’s pathetic”.

With that said, he states that on March 21st, he’ll be going in for back surgery. Angle reveals no fusion is taking place, they are just cleaning out all his arthritis, as he has a nerve down his leg that’s bothering him and pain in his back.

Angle notes he should be “good” after that. Kurt Angle put his body on the line for years to entertain WWE fans.

During his tenure with the company, he won the WWE World Championship 5 times, was a WCW Champion, a United States Champion, and held the IC title. He also was a European Champion, Hardcore Champion, and Tag Team Champion with Chris Benoit.

In addition, Angle was a WWE Grand Slam, and Triple Crown Champion, also winning King of The Ring in 2000. Angle truly “did it all” in the WWE.

This makes it no surprise he was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2017. On behalf of everyone here at WNZ, we wish Kurt a successful surgery and a quick recovery!

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