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At 91 years of age, Rita Moreno is one of the most legendary Hollywood stars alive today. That’s why it came as a sad surprise to her many fans when she revealed in a new interview that she “doesn’t have many friends” because she’s been hurt by women in Hollywood too many times throughout her life.

‘I Don’t Have Many Friends’

“I don’t have many friends, and I don’t have many friends in show business, either,” Moreno said while promoting her new movie 80 For Brady with her co-stars Jane Fonda, Sally Field, and Lily Tomlin.

“I don’t trust ’em,” she continued, according to Daily Mail. “I’ve been betrayed so many times by them, and by my stupid insistence on believing in people who really were not very nice to me.”

The other actresses were so shocked by Moreno’s comment that they were speechless at first.

“I’m sorry, Rita,” Tomlin finally said, with Fonda adding, “We’re going to do something about that. We’re going to show you that there are three women here who you can trust.”

“The thing is, I do trust you,” Moreno replied. 

Moreno did not elaborate on any specifics regarding who she feels has betrayed her in the entertainment industry.

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Moreno’s History

Moreno made her film debut in 1952, and she won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nine years later for playing Anita in West Side Story. She would later become one of the only stars to win an EGOT – Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and a Tony, after starring on Broadway as well. 

Behind the scenes, Moreno endured a tumultuous relationship with Marlon Brando that left her considering suicide at one point. She revealed in her memoir that she became pregnant by Brando in the 1950s, and that he paid for her to get an abortion. Sadly, the procedure was botched and Moreno ended up bleeding “for days.”

Moreno later married the cardiologist Leonard Gordon in 1965, and they remained together until he passed away in 2010. They had one daughter Fernanda, who Moreno remains close with to this day.

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80 For Brady

80 For Brady is set to premiere on February 3, and the four stars have been open about how much fun they had making the movie. Fonda recently told People Magazine that “getting us to stop talking to each other and start playing our characters” was a challenge on the film’s set. 

“You know, we just — whether it was Rita and I singing — she starts a song and I finish it and vice versa,” she said. “And I don’t know, we just, we really enjoyed it.”

Fonda also greatly enjoyed working with the NFL legend Tom Brady on the movie. 

“He was kind and humble, which is hard to believe considering how brilliant he is at what he does, but it’s true,” Fonda said of him. “He was also sweet and polite.”

“My knees actually got weak when he walked into my trailer. I’m in awe of that kind of skill,” she continued. “When somebody is the best in the world at what they do, you have to honor that and respect it.”

While we’re glad to see that these women had fun making this movie, it’s sad to see that Moreno appears to be so lonely in her final years. Here’s hoping that her co-stars keep their promise, and show her that there’s women out there that can be trusted!

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