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‘West Side Story’ Actress Rita Moreno Disrespects the President With Classless Gesture

Over the past few years, Hollywood stars have taken great pleasure in bashing President Donald Trump as much as they possibly can. Though one would hope that stars from the golden age of Hollywood would be above classless attacks on the president, Academy Award winner Rita Moreno showed that this is not the case when she gave Trump the finger during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

Fox News reported that during the interview, Moreno talked about meeting Trump for the first time years ago.

“You’ve met everybody over the years. Have you ever met Donald Trump, the president of the United States?” Kimmel asked, to which Moreno responded, “You know, I did. It was memorable, too. It has to be memorable, right, with that man?”

Moreno explained that she met Trump at his New York City penthouse apartment during a cocktail party honoring New York Governor Mario Cuomo.

“What a shocking experience. First of all, everything, everything was gold. Everything was gold. It was like new rich people,” Moreno said. “But what really amazed me was the frescos on the ceiling like Michelangelo. They had those in his apartment!”

“Was it him with his finger almost touching God’s?” Kimmel asked.

“Well, here’s my finger,” the 87-year-old West Side Story actress said as she flipped her middle finger.

Moreno bashes Trump to make herself relevant

Was that really necessary? At her age, Moreno should be above something so juvenile as to flash her middle finger on live television. Clearly, Moreno was hoping that flipping off Trump would create a viral moment that would make her relevant again. It’s sad that such an elderly Hollywood icon would stoop to such a classless low just to get her name in the headlines again.

Frankly, I’m sick of seeing Hollywood stars attack the president as if it is their job. All they are showing when they do this is how out of touch they are because they are ignoring all of the good things Trump is doing for working-class Americans!

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