Joy Behar’s Bizarre Tribute To Barbara Walters After Her Death – ‘She Had An Incredible Bladder’

Joy Behar had a truly bizarre way of honoring Barbara Walters after the creator of "The View" died at 93 on Friday.

The world lost a true icon last Friday when the legendary media personality Barbara Walters passed away at the age of 93. Two days later, Joy Behar called in to “Good Morning America” to pay a truly bizarre tribute to the woman who created her talk show “The View,” saying that Walters “had an incredible bladder.”

But first, watch Behar pay tribute to Walters this morning on “The View” in the video below.

Walters Was ‘Very Much The Role Model’

“She’s very much the role model for a lot of people in showbiz and the news world for sure,” Behar, 80, said of Walters two days after her death. “She had a work ethic you couldn’t deny. She was always prepared and she was always working on her material. She never went out there and didn’t know what she was doing.”

Daily Mail reported that Behar went on to say that it was Walters who personally picked her to be on “The View” when it premiered back in 1997 after she saw one of Behar’s comedy shows.

“She could have a laugh, have fun, tell a dirty joke,” she recalled. “She was a lot of fun. We were pals. We’ve had a lot of laughs on camera and off camera.”

Behar then bizarrely joked that Walters scored so many major interviews throughout her career that she “never went to the bathroom.”

“She had an incredible bladder,” she added. “And that’s why she could always jump on those interviews before anybody else did.”

Watch Behar’s full comments on Walters in the video below.

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Walters Fires Behar

Behar may be paying tribute to Walters now, but the two women did not always get along. Earlier this year, Behar opened up about how she was once fired from “The View” by Walters for what she described as an “honest mistake.”

In the special “Behind the Table: A View Reunion,” which was meant to mark the show’s 25th anniversary, Behar remembered Walters’ fury over her accidentally leaking the news that Rosie O’Donnell would be joining “The View” back in 2006.

“Phone rings. ‘Hello, Joy? It’s Barbara,'” Behar recounted, according to People Magazine. “I said, ‘Oh hi, Barbara!'”

Walters allegedly told her, “I just got a call from Entertainment Tonight, and guess what they said? They said, ‘Oh, and Rosie O’Donnell’s coming on the show.’ And guess who told them?”

“I said, ‘Meredith Vieira?'” Behar continued. “[Walters] said, ‘No, you! Joy Behar did that. And I want you to know that I’m not renewing your contract.'”

Full Story: Here’s Why Barbara Walters Fired Joy Behar From ‘The View’

‘It Was An Honest Mistake’

Behar was shocked that Walters would fire her over something that she viewed as not being a huge deal. 

“I said, ‘Barbara, it was just a mistake. It was an honest mistake,'” Behar said, remembering that she then joked, “You know how I am when I’m shopping!”

Walters, however, wasn’t having any of it.

“You’re a loose cannon, and I’m not renewing your contract,” Walters told Behar, who replied, “Barbara, come on! It’s like, no big deal here.”

Walters simply yelled “no!” and hung up the phone, leaving Behar speechless (for once).

“For a minute, I was stunned,” she said. “I was like, ‘Really? For that?'”

Walters ultimately changed her mind and decided to keep Behar on the show, and she remains on it to this day.

Walters Passes Away

Walters had been in declining health for years, and she had not been seen publicly since 2016. She died at her home in New York City surrounded by her family, TMZ reported. 

“She lived her life with no regrets. She was a trailblazer not only for female journalists, but for all women,” Walters’ publicist Cindi Berger said in a statement announcing her death, according to Daily Mail

Walters certainly left her mark on this world in a big way, and she will live on through “The View” for many years to come. If Walters saw that Behar was commenting about her bladder in the wake of her death, however, she might have thought twice about backtracking on firing her all those years ago!

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