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On Tuesday morning’s episode of the ABC talk show “The View,” co-host Joy Behar gave some insight into how her parents raised her decades ago that may explain a lot about why the notoriously outspoken liberal comedian is the way that she is today.

Behar Sounds Off On Parenting

Decider reported that Behar, 80, began talking about her own late parents after moderator Whoopi Goldberg introduced a segment about a mother who does not impose a specific bedtime on her 1 year-old child. This mother reportedly doesn’t believe in the concept of a bedtime because she wants her child to “develop naturally” and “grow into someone who can stand up for herself.”

Goldberg, however, was not having any of it.

“I say let’s meet the child in five years and see who she is,” she said with a laugh before her co-host Sara Haines agreed that a stricter parenting strategy, is better.

Behar was quick to disagree with them, saying that she raised her daughter the same way that her parents raised her, which she described as being like “a wolf, basically.”

“I was a wolf in the woods. They let me do whatever I want,” Behar continued. “They asked my mother one time, ‘How come Joy didn’t go to Catholic school?’ She said, ‘She didn’t want to.’ I mean that was it. I decided what I was gonna do.”

Behar went on to say that she raised her own daughter Eve, who was an only child like herself, in a “very permissive way.”

“You don’t know what’s going to come” of your parenting style, Behar said, citing herself as proof. 

No, you certainly do not, Joy!

Behar’s Daughter Is ‘Very Strict’

Behar’s daughter Eve, who works as an artist, broke the parenting cycle in her family by going a different route than her mother when it came to raising her own son. Behar went so far as to compare Eve’s parenting style to that of the Italian dictator “Mussolini.”

“She’s very strict,” she explained. “He goes to sleep at this time. He has to read 20 minutes before bed. He has to do his homework before he gets to watch TV. All of that.”

“She’s very good with that,” Behar concluded. “And I think it’s been good, especially with a boy.”

Perhaps Eve just didn’t want to risk having another Joy Behar on her hands by copying the same parenting style that resulted in her mother being the way that she is. 

Check out this full segment in the video below.

Behar Whines About Her Father

This comes one month after Behar whined that her father gave her “childhood trauma” because he told her that another girl in her class was prettier than her. Though it’s been decades since that happened, Behar complained that there are  “some things that stick in your mind.”

“Like if your father doesn’t think you’re pretty, you don’t think you’re pretty,” Behar lamented before emotionally exclaiming, “This is so sad!”

“Whatever, he’s dead now,” Behar concluded coldly. “I liked him, actually. He was very funny.”

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Check out this full segment in the video below.

Perhaps if Behar’s parents had actually imposed some rules on her as a child, she wouldn’t be the incredibly annoying woman that she is today. In the end, she serves as a cautionary tale of what your child can end up being like if you don’t involve some discipline in their lives! 

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