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The country music star Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany rang in the new year at the New Year’s Eve party that former President Donald Trump threw at his Mar-a-Lago estate for the second year in a row this past weekend. During the party, Brittany surprised everyone by delivering an impromptu vocal performance that quickly brought the house down.

Brittany’s Impromptu Performance

Music Mayhem reported that Brittany, who made it to the Hollywood rounds of “American Idol” back in 2012, performed a cover of The Fugees and Lauryn Hill’s “Killing Me Softly With His Song.”

“Whoa / Woah-oah-ah-ah-ah uh, uh / La-la-la, la, la, la / Whoa, la / Whoa, la (ha, ha, ha, ha) / La-ah-ah-ah-ah,” Brittany sang as the all-female group encouraged her by telling her to “sing it girl!”

“Strumming my pain with his fingers (yes, he was singing my life) / Singing my life with his words / Killing me softly with his song / Killing me softly with his song / Telling my whole life with his words (whole life, with his words) / Killing me softly with his song,” Brittany continued. 

Jason could be seen looking on at his talented wife with pride as she kept singing her heart out. Check out the performance for yourself in the video below. 


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This was the second year in a row that the Aldeans attended Trump’s New Year’s Eve party, with Brittany deeming the party to be a “dream night.” The event was a lavish black tie gala that was thrown by the former president and his wife Melania, and everyone in attendance was dressed to the nines. Jason wore a navy blue and black tuxedo to the event, while Brittany turned heads in a light blue drape-neck gown.


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Trump Sounds Off

During the event, Trump took the stage to offer some commentary on the current political situation that our country is facing. 

“I just want to thank everybody. We’re going to have a great year,” he said. “I hope we’re going to have a great year, we need it. We’re watching a war raging, we’re watching nuclear weapons talked about all the time. We’re watching inflation going through the roof, all of these things that we’re watching, and it’s so unnecessary. It’s so sad to see.”

“Now we have airports where people can’t fly,” the former president added. “But it’s sad when people can’t come from New York to Florida. We’re like a Third World Country, but we’re going to be a first world Country again very soon.”

Trump went on to introduce Jason, who gave a performance for the attendees.

“So, speaking about first, we have a man… we played golf yesterday, he’s a fine golfer but he’s much better with the guitar,” Trump said. “He’s much better with the most beautiful wife I’ve ever seen, and the reason he’s got this incredible wife is that he’s the No. 1 country star and he’s agreed to come up and sing for us tonight.”

“He’s also a fantastic guy, he is a great guy,” he added. “They love him in country land but they love him all over the world. He’s the No. 1 country star, Jason Aldean.”


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Jason Performs – Praises Trump

When Jason then took the stage, he didn’t hesitate to praise the former president.

“Thank you so much. Well it’s good to be back, we were here last year and I got a chance to come back this and let President Trump beat up on me again on the golf course,” Jason said said. ”So much fun. I figured we’d do a song, this is like my go-to Karaoke jam. Whenever I do karaoke, this is one of my favorite songs to do.”

Jason proceeded to perform Uncle Kracker’s “Drift Away,” and the audience soon began singing along with him.


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Jason and Brittany seem to have spent a few days with the former president, as they previously attended another event with him on December 29. They have long been two of the only celebrities who have refused to turn their backs on Trump, and he’s become a close personal friend to them both. 

Jason and Brittany are two brave patriots who are not going to let leftists control who they spend their time with and throw their support behind. We applaud them for standing by Trump, and we hope they all had a blast ringing in the new year together!

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