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Pam Grier, who is best known for playing the title character in the 1974 classic Foxy Brown, is speaking out in a new interview to issue a brutal warning to anyone who is thinking about cheating on her in the future.

Grier’s Brutal Message For Cheaters

“I’m an independent woman,” Grier, 73, told Rolling Stone.

Grier went on to say that while she has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to cheating, she also believes that being unfaithful is something that men will inevitably do.

“The men are gonna do that,” she said, according to Fox News. “I’d say, matter of fact, ‘Here’s a box of condoms for the road. I’ll put it in your luggage, so you don’t bring me back anything.’ Location lust, we call it in the movie industry. I’ve seen them take their rings off in the elevators when I step in. You think you slick?”

That’s when Grier unleashed her brutal warning to potential cheating partners.

“You think you’ll come home and I’ll take care of you? Please. Go let your f— buddy take care of you,” she boldy stated. “Please don’t even try. Don’t even try to steal my credit card and go pay for a f— buddy with my credit card. That ain’t even gonna happen. Because I’m gonna cut your a– up, motherf—–. Don’t worry about my guns. Worry about my chainsaw.”

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Grier Is ‘Always Ready For An Emergency’

Grier then explained that after decades of experience in the dating world, she’s always prepared for anything that comes her way. 

“I’m always ready for an emergency,” she said.”Clothes, keys, boots by the door in case of an earthquake. A backpack with extra water. Anywhere I go, I have a fire extinguisher in my truck, in case people throw a cigarette out the window. And a 20-inch chainsaw, oiled and ready to go.”

“I saw a tree fallen over the road, the only access road around,” she added. “I pull over and see all these truckers standing around, saying, ‘Darn, there’s a 10,000-pound tree on the road. What are we gonna do?’ Then I get out and I see their faces. ‘Uh-oooh — here comes Foxy Brown with her chainsaw!’”

This kind of attitude has translated to Grier’s dating life, according to the former Jackie Brown star.

“That’s why I tell men, we’re gonna have timeshare dating. See, I timeshare men: 3 months, 90 days, that’s all you get. I only date a timeshare guy 90 days a year. After that, it’s me time. So what season do you want,” she said. “I pick up my dates at Home Depot and Lowes. I can name 10 tractor companies. I can drive a forklift. I ain’t no fool.”

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Grier Opens Up About ‘Foxy Brown’

Though it’s been nearly fifty years since the release of Foxy Brown, Grier is still beloved for it to this day. For the fortieth anniversary of the film backing 2014, Grier told People Magazine that the character”represented, for me, one of the first truly independent women in cinema.”

“I remember not being able to get into veterinary school,” she said at the time. “I was great with math and science in school, but if I walked in as a woman of color, I wasn’t going to get that position as a student. So, for the women who couldn’t vote or drive or get an education, Foxy was the voice that spoke for them.”

“I’ll never forget being in a classroom, and being told that Plato said women could be leaders,” Grier continued. “That was all she wrote! Women have done so much, and we can keep doing it because it’s in our hearts to do it.”

Judging by her approach to dating, it appears that Grier is just as tough in real life as Foxy Brown was on screen. We definitely would think twice before ever cheating on Pam Grier!

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