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Joy Behar has had quite a lot of experiences in her 80 years on this Earth, but last week, something happened to her that left the television personality nothing short of terrified. 

But first, check out Behar’s latest political meltdown in the video below.

Behar’s ‘Terrifying’ Elevator Experience

On Friday’s episode of her ABC talk show “The View,” Behar revealed that she recently had a “terrifying” experience when she found herself stuck in an elevator when she was alone!

“You were talking about what you did yesterday, you wanna know what happened to me yesterday?” she began, according to Entertainment Weekly. “I got stuck in my elevator. It felt like a half hour, and I was alone. Every time I pressed ‘lobby’ the thing would go to the lobby and the door wouldn’t open.”

“I was like ‘LET ME OUT,'” Behar screamed as she mimed banging on a door. “The only thing worse than that would’ve been if I was stuck in the elevator with Kellyanne Conway.”

Behar has been a co-host on “The View” since it premiered back in 1997, and though she was inexplicably fired in 2013, she was then brought back in 2015. Despite turning 80 back in October, she’s made it clear that she has no plans to retire anytime soon. 

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‘No Plans To Retire’

“I just signed a contract so I’ll be here for a while,” Behar told People Magazine around the time of her birthday. “I have no plans to retire.”

“It’s really, you know, something that is an important show in many ways,” she added of the ABC talk show. “Sometimes I don’t believe that, as I’ve been here since the beginning, but we’re the most-watched show in daytime. Most-watched! I’m happy to be a part of it. So no, I’m not going anywhere. I’m having a good time.”

Behar was also recently asked by Entertainment Tonight what is keeping her on “The View.”

“Money,” she responded with a laugh. “And also geography. I live right close by.”

“Listen, I’ve been here for 25 years — and I’ve had a self-imposed hiatus for two, I just want to point that out — but I was here for most of the time, so [the new co-hosts] know what to expect from me,” she continued. “I’m me, I’m Joy. People know me, they expect the same thing they’re getting again and again and again.”

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Behar Admits She’s Gotten ‘Grouchier’

Last month, Behar admitted that her personality has gotten a little more gruff over the years.

“I’m a little grouchier. Noises annoy me more,” she confessed, according to Page Six. “I’ve always been a little grouchy, it’s my personality. I believe that negativity is funny, frankly. Positivity is not funny.”

As for what advice she would give her co-hosts on “The View,” Behar said, “This show is a volleyball game, it’s not a golf game. If you know to hit the ball and wait for it to come back to you, you’ll be fine. That’s the only advice I ever give anybody.”

Behar regularly makes headlines for all the wrong reasons for “The View,” as she’s constantly spouting her ignorant radically liberal views on the program. It remains to be seen how much longer ABC executives will feel that keeping her around is worth it. 

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