Jane Fonda Turns On Nancy Pelosi – ‘Don’t Let This Be Your Legacy’

Jane Fonda has been known as one of the most staunchly liberal stars in Hollywood for decades, so it’s rare that she ever speaks out against a prominent Democrat. That’s why it came as a huge surprise on Monday when she did just that and seemingly turned on the Democrat darling Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)!

Fonda Turns On Pelosi? 

Fonda took to Twitter to post video from her recent Fire Drill Friday, the weekly climate protest that she started up again last week in Washington D.C.

“Just last week, Speaker Pelosi told me to rock the boat for climate action,” she captioned the video. “So why is she allowing the #DirtyDeal — which guts environmental protections for people & climate — to come to a vote this week?!”

“Nancy, please don’t let this be your legacy,” Fonda added. 

Ouch, since there’s nobody Pelosi loves more than members of the Hollywood liberal elite, that has got to sting!

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Fonda Sounds Off At Protest

Fonda started her Fire Drill Fridays to protest for climate activism three years ago, and they saw her get arrested multiple times. After shelving the protests during the pandemic, the 84 year-old star who was nicknamed “Hanoi Jane” during the Vietnam War relaunched them last Friday.

“Organizing does not stop after an election, does it? We must hold the folks we got into office accountable to us, not to oil companies, because the fossil fuel industry does not stop, so we can never stop,” Fonda said as she spoke to protesters near Joe Biden’s White House.

“Time is running out. Scientists are telling us we are in our last decade of action,” she added. “What we do or fail to do in the next eight to 10 years to cut our fossil fuel emissions in half will determine how much of a livable future we will have. So this is the time. This is the time for bold action before it’s too late. And that’s exactly why we are here right now.”

Fonda’s Fellow Protesters Rip Manchin’s Dirty Deal

Much of the protest was focused on the so-called Dirty Deal of Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), which radical liberals like Fonda say will help the fossil fuel industry. Manchin wants the deal to be included in the Defense Bill that Congress is trying to pass before the end of the year, but Fonda and her fellow protesters demanded that the Dirty Deal be shot down by Democrats for good.

“No more sacrifice of our communities for the greater good, all right?” climate activist Maria Lopez-Nuñez said at the protest. “The greater good will come from a just transition where we’re all taken care of, where we transform the foundation of this society and break apart the racism, the classism.”

“No means no,” she continued. “And we’ve already told no to this dirty side deal. So let’s send it back where the hell it came from, and let’s actually build the future, a future without compromise.”

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Fonda Doesn’t Seem Excited About Biden

Though Fonda has made no secret of her disdain for Republicans, she also did not seem too excited about Biden during an interview last week. When asked if she plans to support Biden if he runs for reelection in 2024, Fonda replied, “I don’t know.”

“I guess if he runs, I’ll support him, yeah,” she added, according to The Hill.

Now that does not exactly sound like a ringing endorsement, does it? 

Perhaps after so many years as a radical liberal darling, Fonda is finally getting frustrated with the Democrat establishment that many would argue is destroying America. Sorry, Pelosi, but it doesn’t sound like Fonda will want to be rubbing shoulders with you at a Hollywood party anytime soon!

James Conrad

James Conrad’s passion for politics is only overshadowed by his longstanding interest in Hollywood. His unique perspective as a gay conservative fuels him to challenge celebrity views and those who think they have a right to tell anyone how to think or vote. James proudly wields his minority point of view to combat identity politics and cut through his typecast. Fun fact: James’ guilty pleasure is the British royal family.

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