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Shania Twain may have turned 57 over the summer, but that didn’t stop her from posing nude in a recent photoshoot. In a new interview, the country music icon opened up about why exactly she decided to do this at this point in her life. 

‘I Feel Comfortable In My Own Skin’

“My truth, as I get older, and I wish I had this truth when I was younger, is just to feel less apologetic for how I am, how I look, less affected by other people’s criticism,” Twain explained to TalkShopLive.

“I was very insecure [when younger]. I was one of those teenagers that would never wear a bikini at the beach, for example,” she continued. “I didn’t do it when I was younger, so I’m going to do it now. I’m going to feel and show that I feel comfortable in my own skin.”

Twain went on to say that it’s the confidence that she’s gotten with age that allowed her to recently pose nude. 

“So what I did was, I did a photo session naked with just mud,” she revealed. “I took the shirt off in that photograph. And, trust me, this took courage because I am so not an exhibitionist. It was all about my own message to myself. Just saying, ‘You know, it’s just time to feel comfortable in my own skin and share that with other people and just share those insecurities, shed that skin of insecurity.’”

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Twain’s Upcoming Album

Twain also said that her upcoming album “Queen Of Me,” which is due to come out in February, is full of songs about her becoming more comfortable with herself as she ages. 

“Repeating the message to myself was the beginning, just saying, ‘OK, I’m fine with the way I look, I’m fine aging, I’m fine and comfortable with myself,'” she said. “And this was the final step of saying, ‘I can’t just tell people that. I can’t just say it. I’ve got to live it.'”

Twain even posed topless for the cover art of her recent single “Waking Up Dreaming,” which she released in September, and Fox News reported that fans are expecting her to be “bra-less” on her upcoming album cover.


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“When I did my very first video, ‘What Made You Say That?’ this is the very, very first album I ever recorded,” she said. “I was bra-less in that video. But as the young woman that I was, it seemed fine because I was perkier. So my message is, why should it be offensive just because I’m older?”

Check out that iconic music video for yourself in the video below.

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Twain’s ‘Dream’ Collaboration

In this same interview, Twain revealed that her dream collaboration onstage would be with the former One Direction singer Harry Styles, who is nearly 30 years her junior. 

“I went up onstage with Harry Styles [at Coachella]. He invited me on his stage, which was so wonderful and [he’s a] lovely, lovely person,” Twain revealed. 

“I want to say lovely kid, but he’s not a kid anymore, is he? He’s a man. A [collaboration] would be my dream, yes. He’s busy making movies right now,” she continued. “I would love that. Put it out there! Make it happen, absolutely. And magic will happen, I’m sure.” 

Aging in the entertainment industry can be difficult, particularly for women, so it’s nice to see someone like Twain talk about some of the positive sides of getting older. We can’t wait to hear some of her music about this when her new album comes out next year!