Bronson Reed WWE Return
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With HHH at the helm of creative, there has been a slew of former superstar comebacks as of late in the WWE. The next possible return could be Bronson Reed. More on this story, below.

Bronson Reed – WWE Return

Reed was one of many NXT stars that were released by the WWE, last year. Following his cut, he’s changed his name to JONAH and has had a successful indies circuit run.

Dave Meltzer recently chats about Reed during an edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. He notes that Bronson could be heading back to the land of the WWE, soon.

JONAH recently faced Okada during the NJPW Declaration of Power event. In fact, the match was the co-main event of the show.

Does A “Handshake” Hint Bronson Reed Is Heading For A WWE Return?

After JONAH lost to Okada, the two shook hands. Dave believes the handshake was odd and implied that it could mean Reed was heading back to the WWE.

Meltzer also notes that the WWE has “gone after” Reed and they “want” him (back). Dave also states while he was being pushed in New Japan his Okada loss was the first pinfall he’s taken in the promotion.

Meltzer says that the match wasn’t marked as a “finale”. Plus, no one has claimed that JONAH is leaving the company.

Still, there’s something about a handshake that could lift any wrestling fan’s eyebrows. Only time will tell if Reed ends up back in the WWE.

Speaking of superstars released by the WWE, Davey Boy Smith Jr. suffered the same fate after a very short run in 2021. WNZ has the information on what he’s up to next, down below.

Davey Boy Smith Jr.’s Next Move

Smith Jr., son of wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer Davey Smith, was released in July of last year after only wrestling one dark match with the company. The good news is, he’s got something else lined up.

Davey Jr. is returning to Major League Wrestling (MLW) for the MLW Fightland 2022 event. The show takes place on Sunday, October 30th in Philadelphia.

In May of this year, Smith Jr. spoke with the Straight Talk Wrestling podcast. During the interview, he made it clear that he holds zero animosity with the WWE, despite his short stint this last time around.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. Would Happily Return To The WWE

In fact, he stated he’d be happy to make a return. Smith made his original WWE debut in 2007.

Bronson Reed WWE Return

Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

He would return to Florida Championship Wrestling between 2008 and 2009. Smith Jr., his cousin Nattie, and Tyson Kidd reformed the Hart Foundation in 2009.

While he and Kidd became two-time WWE Tag Champs, Smith Jr. was released from the company in 2011. He headed to the indies and made quite a name for himself over the years.

Davey Boy Jr. participated in his father’s 2020 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, along with his mom and sister. The British Bulldog’s actual induction took place in April 2021.

The event was one of many things that were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of where Smith Jr. is headed, we at WNZ wish him all the best.

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