AEW $100 Million Year
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If he is correct, Tony Khan is claiming AEW will make over $100 million this year. Also, WWE has brought back a released superstar.

AEW Grossing Over $100 Million This Year

For a few years now, WWE is not the only show on TV. AEW was formed and they have done a decent job going against WWE.

As for the future, Tony Khan sees AEW making huge moves. On Wrestling Observer Radio, Khan projected the company would surpass $100 million this year.

“We have a chance to hit these heights at the perfect time,” said Khan. “I would say, the success we’ve had has been so great.” 

“The way the business is going right now, you’re [Meltzer] the most optimistic person I know. 99% of what you say is pointing people in that direction.”

“This is the first time there have been two wrestling companies that have the ability to be the number one show that night on cable and two wrestling companies that are grossing the kind of money. I’m not grossing a billion dollars, but I’m gonna gross over $100 million this year.”

“That’s pretty unprecedented and it’s been over 20 years since anybody is doing that. To me, success is sustaining it.”

We should note Khan made that claim before All Out. In something out of a movie, chaos arrived.

CM Punk won the AEW Championship and went ballistic at the media scrum. He went after Colt Cabana, “Hangman” Adam Page, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks.

So, there was a huge argument in the back, which got physical. AEW is investigating the matter.

We know several people have been suspended. Punk could be fired, but he is also dealing with an injury.

For now, Khan had to vacate the World Championship and Trios Championship. On Dynamite, AEW made no mention of Punk or The Elite.

WWE Rehires Talent

AEW $100 Million Year

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Santana Garrett might not be the most known name, but she has spent about 15 years in the business. She was with WWE, where she mostly competed in NXT.

Although, Garrett briefly appeared on the main roster. The timing was as COVID hit, hence she was released.

She did not stop and went to AEW. Garrett was barely used and is now back in WWE.

She posted the following to social media.

Therefore, Garrett is seemingly back in WWE as a coach. With Triple H now having so much power, hopefully she is better used.

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