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A Positive From Punk’s All Out Tirade, Kurt Angle Not Done

There seems to be a positive from CM Punk's All Out tirade, and while he just popped up on RAW, is Kurt Angle not done?

As crazy as it sounds, there might be a positive impact for someone from CM Punk’s All Out tirade. And, is Kurt Angle not done wrestling?

A Positive From Punk’s All Out Tirade

Out of all the chaos, there was a positive from CM Punk’s All Out tirade…in a way.

Yes…the scathing All Out media scrum tirade had a positive. No, it wasn’t the brawl afterwards.

It also was not the suspensions, the legal investigation, or CM Punk’s significant injury.

I mean, I am crazy, but even I wouldn’t see those as positives.

However, perhaps the single best portion of Punk’s All Out tirade was a positive.

You may recall, the now former AEW Champion was enjoying a post-show snack during his vent session.

His snack came from a local Chicago bakery, Mindy’s. He plugged the muffin making bakery as he devoured his snack.

punk's all out tirade
source: @MrMattMoskal, twitter, screenshot

And afterwards, a number of inspired reviews popped up.

While I can’t say that Mindy’s profits shot up because of Punk’s free promo…the reviews certainly did.

Whether all of those posting reviews actually purchased muffins from Mindy’s is not clear.

If they did, that’s an added bonus. However, if all they did was post a scrum-inspired review boosting the local bakery?

Well, it was entertaining enough.

Kurt Angle Not Done?

On the heels of Ric Flair wrestling his “last match” and saying he might do it again…is Kurt Angle not done wrestling either?

Thus far, the WWE Hall of Famer is retired.

The wear and tear of his lengthy amateur and professional career has left him with a lot of lingering issues.

Angle has had himself a few surgeries in recent years, and while he did enjoy a brief run a few years back..he’s done in the ring.


Well…maybe not.

The Olympic gold medal winner recently made a cameo when RAW was in Pittsburgh. He almost got physically involved, and that no doubt led to some questions.

Questions the Hall of Famer answered on a recent podcast episode of his.

In short…never say never in pro wrestling.

punk's all out tirade
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Ric Flair, as we mentioned before, has proven that time and time again, most recently just a month back.

Considering what injuries he’s endured, and just the general wear on his body, he looked good enough.

But, and this is just my opinion…I don’t think there’s much of a reason to come back.

The only motivation that I am probably considering? There is that “crazy Saudi money”, if you will.

Having never been offered any of it myself, I can imagine the allure of another nice big check is hard to ignore.

Angle is still a name, so he would still garner attention. However…if I am booking Angle in a match, it best be a tag match.

Meaning…protect him at all costs, and don’t ask him to do too much.

We’ve seen what happens when a couple over-the-hill legends take big money to work a match. The results are not pretty.

But, put Angle in a tag with a couple younger Superstars? That could work out.


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