Meghan Markle’s Half-Sister Says She Has ‘Actual Proof’ Of Meghan’s Lies

Meghan Markle's half sister Samantha is claiming that she has "actual proof" that the wife of Prince Harry has been lying.

Meghan Markle’s estranged half-sister Samantha is claiming through her attorney that she has “actual proof” of the wife of Prince Harry’s lies.

‘Actual Proof’ Of Meghan’s Alleged Lies

Jamie Sasson of the Ticktin Law Group, who is representing Samantha in her defamation suit against Meghan, told Newsweek that the royal told various lies in her tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey last year. He went so far as to claim that he has “actual proof of the falsity of these statements.”

Last week, Meghan’s lawyers filed a motion to dismiss Samantha’s defamation lawsuit, claiming that when Meghan told Oprah that she “grew up as an only child, it was “subjective” and not meant as a statement of “objective fact.” They also claimed that Meghan couldn’t be sued for statements made in “Finding Freedom” because she did not write the book.

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Sasson, however, was not having any of it. 

“Our position on this is that we still feel confident this is a viable defamation claim and Mrs. Markle [Meghan] is attempting to spin this around regarding the Oprah show stating that this is ‘subjective’ thinking that she was an ‘only child’ but that is not subjective,” he argued. “Either you’re an only child or you’re not.”

“When she went on Oprah and said ‘I grew up as an only child’ there’s only one way to look at that, that she was an only child,” he continued. “Which then as a result, made the general perception of the public believe that my client was a liar and was making up a story claiming that she was Meghan Markle’s sister when, indeed, she truly was and this is what this comes down to.”

Sasson Doubles Down

Not stopping there, Sasson proceeded to double down. 

“When you make the comment in front of millions of people which is false and then try to turn around and say ‘it’s my subjective thinking’ well—she didn’t make that clear on Oprah that it’s her subjective thinking,” he said.

Samantha also alleges that Meghan lied when she told Oprah that Samantha only changed her name back to Markle after Meghan’s relationship with Prince Harry became public.

“If you really look at the context when she said ‘[Samantha] changed her name back to Markle only when I started dating Harry’ then she says ‘so I think that says enough,'” Sasson said, adding, “that’s defamatory.”

However, Meghan’s legal team disagrees with this as well.

“There is nothing defamatory about that statement—saying that someone changed their name to be associated with another is not in-and-of-itself defamatory in any way,” her lawyers said in the motion to dismiss.

Sasson also is adamant that Meghan can be sued for defamation over statements made in ‘Finding Freedom.’ 

“They’re trying to claim that Meghan Markle didn’t publish it because she didn’t write the book,” Sasson said. “But it’s stated in our complaint, and it’s very specific, that she instructed—and we have the email showing it—that these things were to be put in the book. So it’s different from the cases they’re showing in their reply.”

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Samantha Not Giving Up

Sasson concluded by saying that Samantha will be moving forward with her defamation lawsuit.

“This is a viable claim because we have actual proof of the falsity of these statements and that Meghan Markle made these statements,” Sasson said. “In Oprah they were directly made and in ‘Finding Freedom’ it was instructed to put these things into the book by Mrs. Markle [Meghan] through the email. If we didn’t have the email it would be a different story.”

“The part that is missed in this whole thing is they’re acting as if there was no harm that came from these statements that were made,” he concluded. “We clearly put into our complaint the damage that was caused to Samantha Markle by her being labeled a liar. She now faces online comments of ‘Meghan’s lying sister’ and she never lied about anything.”

Meghan has been estranged from Samantha and the rest of the Markle side of her family since before her 2018 wedding to Harry. It will certainly be interesting to see how this lawsuit plays out. 

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